Hail to the King (BS8102)

So it might be hard for most of you (ok perhaps all of you) to get excited about a British Standard, but this is not just any standard, this is British Standard 8102 (2009) Code of practice for the protection for the protection of below ground structures against water from the ground..!

For those of you still reading, BS8102 has importance in basement waterproofing, because as an ‘approved code of practice’, it has an elevated legal status versus all of the other design guides that are available.

What this means is that if we (or others) seek to sell services as designers or installers of waterproofing systems, and  do not comply either through choice or ignorance, and issues occur as a result, then it is likely that we would be found liable of negligence under duty of care.

Therefore, at least in my opinion, it is important to fully understand and act upon this guidance, which is not necessarily straightforward, but this is where dedicated designers and installers are beneficial in interpreting requirements within a given situation.


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