What am I?

I’m not an Engineer, or Architect, I’m not a materials scientist, I’m not a product rep, or manufacturer, nor am I a supplier.  I am a full time basement waterproofing designer, and a contractor.  This means that I, and my colleagues decide how we will treat a given basement or retaining structure (or deck even), and then we implement that design.

We are on (or under) the ground applying and testing our knowledge, seeing what works and what doesn’t, at the sharp pointy end of the waterproofing spectrum.  I don’t claim to have all the answers and almost every day is a school day in some way shape or form, but I hope that the practical experience that I have gained and want to share, will live up to the name of this blog.

In respect of ‘moving things forward’, much of our work is in dealing with failed waterproofing systems, which suffer issue primarily  because of inadequate design and installation.  I intend to highlight these issues in the hope that costly and disruptive issues are avoided.



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