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Failed Tanking and Broken Business Models.

At present we are completing a remedial waterproofing scheme within a residential basement, where we are installing cavity drainage waterproofing to address issues of penetration past the internal cementitious slurry tanking system.

Nothing particularly unusual about that, but it is significant to me at least, in that this takes our turnover remedying failures in that specific slurry tanking product, to over £250k excluding VAT.

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Why Podium Deck Waterproofing Systems Fail.

We seem to be remedying more and more failed podium deck waterproofing systems and so I thought that this topic would make for an interesting post.

The examples all involve apartment buildings with basement car parks beneath, where that basement extends beyond the line of the structures over, with this creating external decks subject to rainfall.

Even in basement car parks where a degree of seepage is considered to be acceptable (BS8102 grade 1 environment), penetration through a soffit can be an issue since water moving over or through concrete (cracks etc.) leaches free lime, which is damaging to paintwork (as below) and so the space may not be fit for purpose as a result.

leached lime from structural soffit / leaking podium deck.
Taken from NHBC basement campaign article, leached lime dripping from soffit of leaking podium deck causes obvious damage.

Link to NHBC Basement Campaign article.

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